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The Avanti Champion Model 499 – The World's Most Accurate BB Gun

Over the years, Daisy has taught over seven million young people how to have fun and shoot safely. In the nearly four decades in which Daisy and the U.S. Junior Chambers of Commerce have partnered on Daisy's Shooting Safety Training and Education Program, hundreds of thousands of young people have been introduced to shooting safety. More than 150,000 young people participate annually in 4-H shooting sports programs using Daisy equipment. Daisy has also teamed together with the American Legion, the National Rifle Association, USA Shooting and the National Guard Youth Marksmanship Program – as well as hundreds of churches, conservation and civic organizations, Scout troops, ranges, and camps – to make materials and programs available.

In 1959, Daisy introduced its first specialized BB gun designed to support the shooter education program, the Model 99. Daisy continued to produce the Model 99 in different configurations until 1980 when the Model 499 was introduced.

Today, the gun designed to support the shooter education program is known as Avanti Champion Model 499. It is a single-shot, lever-action muzzle-loading BB gun. Velocity is very consistent at around 240 feet per second. The 499 wasn't designed for general-purpose shooting or plinking but was created for a single purpose: to shoot a BB as accurately as possible at a distance of 5 meters.

The 499 may be "just" a BB gun, but take one look at it, and it is instantly clear that this gun was designed for serious competition. At 36 1/4 inches long and 3.1 pounds, it is the right size for many young shooters but the walnut-stained wood buttstock and forestock are thick enough so that they can be easily handled by teenagers and adults. On the right hand side of the buttstock is a medallion that reads "Official Shooting Education BB Gun By Daisy."

Underneath the pistol grip is a black plastic lever that is used to cock the 499 and also serves as the trigger guard. The cocking effort is quite light so even the youngest shooter can manage it. Inside the trigger guard, the plastic trigger feels comfortable to the finger, even for extended shooting sessions. On the right hand side of the black metal receiver is a plastic slide safety. Pull it back to "safe;" move it forward to fire.

On top of the receiver is a precision micrometer adjustable peep sight that can be click-stop adjusted to put the 499 precisely on target. At the far end of the black metal barrel is a hooded sight with interchangeable apertures. Underneath, the wooden forestock flares at the bottom for easy gripping, and a sling can be attached for three-position shooting.

Shooting the 499 is a joy, even for an experienced shooter. The firing sequence instructions are stamped on the top of the barrel. 1. Put "on Safe." 2. Cock. 3. Feed BB. (This involves dropping a BB down the muzzle of the gun while holding it muzzle upward and letting the BB roll to a magnetic "catch" in the innards of the gun.) 4. Aim. 5. Take "Off Safe." 6. Fire.

The trigger pulls lightly and evenly until the 499 discharges. It is very predictable and compatible with accurate shooting. There is a slight twang as the powerplant launches the BB, and a hole appears in the target. What puts a smile on every shooter's face is the accuracy of the 499. Using Avanti Precision Ground Shot, the 499 is virtually a "one-hole" gun at 5 meters. It is easy to see that it lives up to its reputation as the world's most accurate BB gun and why youngsters and adults alike enjoy shooting the 499.

The Avanti Champion 499 is available to non-profit organizations that have or are starting shooting teams. The Daisy Shooting Education Program is open to all non-profit organizations. To find out more, call 1-800-643-3458.