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Real Fun, Real Easy – the Daisy® Red Ryder® Kit

Want to spend an enjoyable afternoon with the family? Or maybe you'd like to put a huge grin on some 10-year-old's face. Either way, you can't go wrong with the Daisy Red Ryder kit – it's as close to a package of instant fun as you can get.

At the heart of the >Red Ryder kit is none other than the most famous and best-loved BB gun ever produced and still in production today – the Red Ryder Lever Action BB Gun. Countless shooters have started with the Red Ryder; it's been the subject of numerous articles and even a celebrated movie.

The Red Ryder stretches 35.4 from buttstock to muzzle and weighs just 2.2 pounds. The stock and forearm are stained solid wood with a lariat logo burned into the stock and a burnished forearm band. On the left side of the stamped metal receiver, you'll find a saddle ring with a leather thong. Just below that are the crossbolt safety, the trigger, and the cocking lever.

On top of the receiver is an adjustable rear sight, with the ramp front sight out at the end of the barrel. On the left side of the barrel is a loading port where you can pour in up to 650 BBs. Cock the lever, squeeze the trigger, and the Red Ryder launches .177 caliber BBs down the steel smooth bore barrel at 280 feet per second.

Also included in the Red Ryder kit are high-impact plastic shooting glasses, 3 tubes of PrecisionMax BBs, the sleek Daisy cloth airgun case, and a Red Ryder collectible tin of BBs.

To complete your shooting kit, two ShatterBlast stakes and eight bright orange ShatterBlast targets are included. Set-up is a snap. Just push the tapered ShatterBlast stake into the ground in front of a safe backstop and then slip the ShatterBlast disk into the semi-circular holder. Hit the disk with a BB from your Red Ryder, and the target explodes into a bunch of biodegradable fragments.

It's easy, and it's fun. The Daisy Red Ryder Kit is ideal for a first time shooter, and it's darned-near irresistible for an old hand.