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When you ask someone to "name a brand of BB guns or air guns", the brand that comes to mind first is Daisy. It's no wonder, since the company has been making airguns for over 120 years. First Daisy BB Gun
First Daisy Airgun
walking in the woods Chances are you took your first shot with a Daisy BB gun. Today, most hunters and accomplished marksmen will tell you they got their start in the shooting sports with a Daisy BB gun.
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While the company was founded as the Plymouth Iron Windmill Company in Plymouth, Michigan, it moved to Rogers, Arkansas in 1958, in search of a quality workforce. The company's headquarters has remained in Rogers for over 50 years. Today, the entire operations is under one roof - design, product development, sales, marketing, accounting, assembly, packaging and shipping. First Rogers Red Ryder
The Daisy team takes great pride in the quality of our products and in the quality of our work. Even more so, we take great pride that, today, we are continuing the tradition of this great old brand name.
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Old Daisy Sign
Whether you're interested in starting a career or just joining our temporary workforce to help us fill fall orders and earn some money this year, we invite you to come join our team and become a part of the rich heritage that the Daisy name represents. Daisy is an equal opportunity employer.
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To request a reasonable accommodation, when applying for employment, please contact the Human Resource Department at 479.636.1200.