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Archery Safety Rules

Do not dry-fire your bow or crossbow.
Do not draw back and release the bowstring without having an arrow nocked or bolt loaded.
Use only the proper arrow for your bow and only the proper bolt for your crossbow.

Before shooting, and regularly, inspect your arrows, bolts and nocks.
Damaged arrows, bolts or nocks may cause serious injury.
Discard and DO NOT USE any arrow or bolt that is damaged, dented, split, splintered or any arrows or bolts with cracked or broken nocks.

Before shooting, and regularly, inspect your limbs, riser, string, cams, cables, arrow rest and hardware.
DO NOT USE archery equipment if any parts are broken or not working properly.

Keep your bow and arrows and crossbow and bolts pointed in a safe direction.
Never aim at anything you don’t intend to shoot and never aim, point or draw a bow or crossbow toward another person.

Do not nock an arrow or load a bolt until you are ready to shoot.

Check your target and beyond your target.
Be sure all persons are well clear of the target area before you shoot. Check behind and beyond your target to be certain you have a safe backstop and that no person or property could be endangered.

Anyone shooting or near a shooter should wear shooting glasses.
Also, all other persons should remain behind the shooter. Never shoot when anyone is between you and your target.

Never climb or jump with your bow or crossbow if an arrow is nocked or a bolt is loaded.
When climbing or jumping you can’t control your bow or crossbow if you stumble or fall.

Respect other people's property.
If you're a guest on others' land, you should leave it exactly as you found it.