Inflatable Ranges

Inflatable Ranges

Daisy Outdoor Products’ unique inflatable BB Gun Range allows the company to extend its shooting education reach. This year, ranges are scheduled to ship to store events and hunting and conservation events where seasoned instructors will work with young people to teach gun safety rules and marksmanship skills.

When set-up the range measures: 22′ 5″ long by 9′ 6″ wide by 8′ 6″ tall. Allow a space about 30’ long by 10’ to 12’ wide to accommodate people standing in line.

If you have volunteered to instruct at a Daisy Inflatable Range at an event, please view the video below which will walk you through the steps to set up, operate and re-pack the range. A printed set-up instruction booklet also accompanies each inflatable range. Click here to download a PDF of that booklet that you can print.

Daisy Partners with the National Wild Turkey Federation

National Wild Turkey Federation’s Take Aim program has an aggressive goal of tripling the annual number of youth shooting participants at JAKES (Juniors Acquiring Knowledge, Ethics and Sportsmanship) events – from 50,000 to 150,000 by 2014.

In 2012 JAKES Take Aim shooting trailers, equipped with a full assortment of shooting sports equipment, were made available to state chapters. Daisy worked with the NWTF to coordinate the manufacture of over fifty of our Daisy inflatable ranges. We equipped those ranges with appropriate youth model BB guns, BBs and shooting glasses. Additionally, in order to provide a separate age-appropriate shooting challenge for older Xtreme JAKES members, Daisy supplied PowerLine Model 953 target pellet rifles, Winchester breakbarrel pellet rifles, pellets, shooting glasses and pellet traps.

Today, NWTF leaders across the nation, instruct young and first time shooters at JAKES, NWTF and community events. Young people, often shooting for the first time, are able to shoot Daisy youth BB guns at paper targets in the inflatable range with one-on-one instruction from an NWTF leader. Older Xtreme JAKES, under NWTF supervision, can step over to the outdoor range and try their hand at open sights, a peep sight or a scope as they shoot a target rifle or a breakbarrel rifle at a target on a steel pellet trap.

“Daisy shows unmatched support, sponsorship and enthusiasm for the future of shooting sports by partnering with the NWTF to help us reach our goal of introducing more youth to shooting sports,” said Mandy Harling, JAKES program coordinator.

For more information about JAKES Take Aim, visit JAKES Take Aim Facebook page.

Daisy Partners with Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s SAFE initiative will introduce young and novice shooters to safe, responsible, enjoyable use of guns as well as educate newcomers about the hunter’s role in conservation. SAFE stands for Shooting Access For Everyone.

Recognizing RMEF’s dedication to introducing and involving youth in the shooting sports, conservation and the great outdoors, Daisy has partnered with the organization to coordinate their purchase of inflatable BB gun ranges for the SAFE program. Daisy will supply Daisy Grizzly airguns, BBs and shooting glasses to be used at events hosted by RMEF leadership.

For additional information about RMEF’s SAFE initiative, visit RMEF’s SAFE Facebook page.

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