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  • Guns have a one-year warranty from date of purchase and sights have a 90 day warranty from date of purchase.

  • Please click here to see our Order Cancellation Policy.

  • Call our Customer Service Department at (479) 636-1200 for prices.

  • Call our Customer Service Department at (479) 636-1200. Most models currently in production may be returned for repair or replacement with a similar model by Daisy.

      • Please contact Customer Service to get a return authorization number prior to sending back any product for repair.
      • There will be a charge for out-of-warranty guns.
      • We may recommend that you send your out-of-warranty gun to one of our qualified independent gunsmiths.
  • Your Daisy Christmas Dream Red Ryder features a working sundial that allows you to determine the approximate time.

    1. First make sure your Red Ryder is unloaded, uncocked and that the safety is on.
    2. Your gun comes with a gnomon – the peg that fits into the hole on the stock. Keep track of this small item as it is essential to telling time on your sundial.
    3. The sundial’s Roman numerals represent the time span from 6 a.m. (VI) to 6 p.m. (VI). This covers most daylight hours.
    4. With the gun unloaded, uncocked and on safe, point the barrel pointed in a safe direction and place the gun on a flat surface in full sun, with the center mark (XII) pointed due north.
    5. Insert your gnomon pointed at the center line (XII) and thus, due north.
    6. Look at your sundial as if it’s a clock. The shadow cast by the gnomon represents the hour hand. By looking at where the shadow falls on the face of the sundial, you can estimate the approximate time.
  • Put gun on safety (no red showing) before inspecting the airgun or attempting to clear jam. Sometimes you can dislodge the BB by running a cleaning rod down the muzzle end of the barrel. If this does not work the gun will need to be returned to the factory.

  • Sometimes you can replace the face seal and this will stop your gun from leaking. The face seal is the seal the pin comes through and seats against the CO2 cylinder. To receive a replacement CO2 face seal at no charge, for your CO2 gun, call customer service at (479) 636-1200.

  • Most of the rifles have the model number located on the top of the barrel near the rear sight. On most pistols it is usually on the side of the receiver.

  • Please visit our “Retail Locator” page for links to stores that sell Daisy products.

  • No we do not ship to individuals outside of the USA.

  • Allow 10-14 working days from the time we receive your order and affidavit

  • It is likely that your lever-action Buck BB gun or Red Ryder BB gun is not fully cocked.
    These guns only require that the cocking lever be cocked one time. However, the cocking lever must be completely and fully extended in order for the gun to be cocked. 
    The best way to know if you have completely cocked the gun is to listen for a series of “clicks” as you pull the cocking lever away from the stock of the gun – as far as it will go. With the muzzle pointed in a safe direction and the “safety” in the on position (no red showing), firmly pull the cocking lever away from the stock of the gun as far as it will go. As you pull hard on the cocking lever – away from the stock to cock the gun – you will hear a series of seven “clicks”. The gun is not fully cocked and will not shoot until you have heard all seven clicks. Point the gun at a target with a safe backstop, put the “safety” in the off position (red showing) and pull the trigger.

    Here’s another way to determine if your gun is completely cocked: With the muzzle of the gun pointed straight up, in the “12 O’clock” position, the gun is not completely cocked until the lever is pulled up into the “2 O’clock” position.

    If, after cocking the gun completely (you have fully extended the cocking lever one time and heard a total of seven consecutive clicks) your gun still will not fire, put the gun on safe (no red showing) and please contact Daisy’s Customer Service Department at (479) 636-1200.

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If you need to CANCEL an order, please call customer service at 479-636-1200, press 1 for customer service (hours are Mon- Thur 8:00 am – 5:00 pm CST Fri 8:00 am – 3:00 pm CST).





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Contact Information

Main Office: (479) 636-1200

To return a Daisy Product for repair or warranty related matters, please call first to get a Return Authorization Number before shipping to:
Daisy Outdoor Products
1700 N 2nd Street
Rogers, AR 72756

Please address questions, comments, or suggestions to the following:
Daisy Outdoor Products
P.O. Box 220
Rogers, Arkansas

For additional information on International Distribution, contact:
Export Administrator
Daisy Outdoor Products
P.O. Box 220
Rogers, Arkansas

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