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2021 Daisy Nationals CANCELLED Due to Pandemic Restrictions

Daisy Nationals


Daisy Outdoor Products is extremely disappointed to announce the cancellation of the 2021 Daisy National BB Gun Championship Match. Government pandemic restrictions prevent Daisy from producing an event that remotely resembles the fun, competitive family event shooters and families expect. However, dates are already set for the 2022 Daisy Nationals, which promises to be more fun, more competitive and bigger than ever. The 2022 event will be June 29-July 4, 2022, at the Embassy Suites in Rogers, Ark.

“The Daisy Nationals is, above all, a family event,” said Keith Higginbotham, President and CEO of Daisy Outdoor Products. “The restrictions imposed on us this year prevent us from gathering – no opening or closing ceremonies, no parade of teams, no observation of shooters, no air rifle event, no one in the halls, no barter bar…nothing that makes the Nationals far more than a shooting match.

“The 2022 event, which is already being planned, will be the biggest Match ever.”

The 2022 Daisy National BB Gun Championship Match will see a return of the family fun and entertainment shooters and families expect from this event. The 10-meter air rifle competition returns, along with everything else – barter bar, parade of teams, the ceremonies, the fellowship and some exciting surprises. Due to two years of cancelled competition, there will be no Champions Match, but that event will return in 2023.

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