Weight 0.80 lbs

This convenient target system is easy to set up and provides a great way to hone your sharpshooting skills. Folded flat it’s the size of a magazine for easy transport, but once folded out it stands on its own and features multiple targets. You and your friends can shoot all day. Made from durable, moisture-resistant cardboard, the Daisy Fold-N-Fire Target is perfect for camping trips, a day at the range or just fun in the backyard. 3 targets included.

Introducing the Daisy Fold-N-Fire Targets, your ultimate companion for honing your shooting skills with precision and convenience. Designed with shooters of all levels in mind, these targets offer an innovative approach to practice sessions, making every shot count.

Their compact and portable design allows for easy transportation to your favorite shooting spot or range, enabling you to enhance your marksmanship skills wherever you go.

Featuring a unique foldable design, these targets provide versatility and ease of setup. Simply unfold, place, and start shooting! Whether you’re refining your accuracy with air rifles, BB guns, or pellet guns, these targets allow you to track your progress with precision.

The Daisy Fold-N-Fire Targets come equipped with multiple aiming points and scoring zones, offering a diverse array of challenges to keep your shooting sessions engaging and rewarding. Whether you’re practicing for competition or simply enjoying some recreational shooting, these targets offer an immersive experience that enhances your shooting proficiency.

Elevate your shooting experience with Daisy Fold-N-Fire Targets — the perfect blend of quality, functionality, and fun. Dive into your shooting adventures with confidence and precision, knowing that you have the ideal target system by your side to help you hit the mark every time.