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During the last half of October we ran a contest on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/DaisyOutdoor/) asking for your memories of shooting Daisy BB guns. We are honored by be a part of so many heart-felt memories. Here is Part 1 of our series of Daisy Memories pulled from Facebook.

“I remember my Grandpa teaching me how to shoot with one when I was just a little guy. I wish I could have those days back. I also taught my daughter how to shoot with one.” – Shane Horsley

“When we were teenagers, my brother had a few friends over and they were shooting a Daisy at a target, so I asked if I could try. They laughed at me (because I’m a girl) and they said sarcastically ‘sure, we want to see this!’ So I tried and I hit the target dead center! They never laughed at me again.” – Christy George

“My Dad’s friend would watch me after school until my parents got home. He’d break out the Red Ryder and let us have a go. He handed me the rifle and wanted to see if I knew how to properly handle it before showing me exactly how. Other than a few things I got wrong, he was impressed how well I shot and told my Dad I was a natural. Not long after, my Dad entered me into some skeet shooting clubs. I held the record for youngest member for six hits in a row. When my neighbor passed, his wife gave me the rifle in his memory. I didn’t keep it, though, because with his wife’s permission, I placed it in his coffin and he was buried with it. I told my Dad it’s so he can teach the kids in heaven how to shoot.” – Rob Hall

“I couldn’t wait to get home from work and sit on the couch, only to pull up the drive and see my two boys, Buck and Lane, shooting cans. So I went inside and pulled my old Red Ryder out of the closet and spent the next two hours shooting with my boys.” – Joe Henson

“I never had a Red Ryder as a child, but when I was 10 my Grandfather gave me a .22 Long Rifle Daisy rifle that was missing the rear sight. I asked my parents if I could write Daisy Manufacturing a letter asking for help getting a new one. They allowed me to, but said to not get my hopes up. About a month later, a new sight showed up in the mail, free of charge, with a nice note. I knew from that point forward I was a die-hard Daisy fan. I didn’t purchase a Red Ryder until I was out of high school, but instantly fell in love with the simplicity and accuracy of it. To this day I’m still a big fan of Daisy and love shooting with my kids.” – Elijah Burton

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