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Hello Coaches, Parents, Competitors and Friends,

We hope you are looking forward to the 2020 Daisy National BB Gun Championship Match as much as we are. As this event continues to evolve, there will always be changes, additions and tweaks. The purpose of this announcement is to communicate these changes and to let you in on our plans for the future of this event.

Last year we discussed with all of you how to make this event better. One thing that came out was an effort to shorten it – to knock off a day, shorten practice times, etc. That is in our plans, but because we are in the last year of a three-year contract, it will not occur until Daisy Nationals 2021. This year’s event will once again be a five-day adventure, with Registration and Equipment Check on Thursday, July 2nd (early registration on July 1), and Matches 3 and 4, plus Closing Ceremonies on Monday, July 6. We will hold the Closing Ceremonies in the early afternoon to give you time to depart for home. The hotel block rate will open up Jan. 30.

We also discussed bringing back a 10-meter Air Rifle Competition, and the possibility of a Shoot-Off between top finishers. The Air Rifle Match will be held Saturday (4th) and Sunday (5th) for ages 16-18 (Sporter Division, Daisy only).

A 5-meter (BB) and a 10-meter (Air Rifle) Standing only Shoot-Off will be held on Saturday – with a twist – this Shoot-Off is for Coaches only. Each team will select one coach to shoot in this event (participation is not a requirement). It will consist of four shots in the Standing Position, with distractions! The kids should love this fun event. It also will serve as a test-run for a true National Champion Shoot-Off to be held in 2021.

Please direct any questions on this schedule and the Daisy Nationals to Daisy Executive Vice President and COO Drew Albright by emailing dalbright@daisy.com. Thank you and we can’t wait to see all our friends in Rogers, Ark.

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