Picking the right BB gun

A Guide To Picking The Right BB Gun

A Guide To Picking The Right BB Gun 784 640 Daisy

Whether you’re looking into airgun/BB guns to purchase one for a special youth, for yourself to plink cans with or if your desire is to put shot-after-shot into the bullseye, like anything else you will be happier if you get the right one. Here’s a an easy guide to selecting the right airgun/BB gun.

(Warning: Always wear shooting glasses when shooting BB guns. BBs can ricochet, especially when shooting at a flat, hard object. The shooter and spectators should wear eye protection.)

Youth BB Guns

Youth BB guns are sized smaller than those for adults, and usually produce less velocity. Daisy’s lineup of youth BB guns produce velocities of 275- to 350-feet per second. Typical length of pull (the distance from the center of the trigger to the back of the buttstock) for most of Daisy’s youth BB guns is 13.75 inches, which fits the average youth age 10-12.

BB Guns Sized for Average-Sized 10-13 Year Olds

Red Ryder

Model 1999

Model 25 Pump

Model 2840 Camo Single-Pump Pneumatic

Winchester Model 12 Pump


Length of pull is an important factor in comfort and marksmanship. You might have seen a smaller shooter putting the buttstock under his or her armpit instead of bracing it to the shoulder. This is because they gun’s length of pull is too long. For smaller-framed youth, the Daisy Buck Model 105 has a length of pull of just 11 inches.

On the other end of the size spectrum, if you just want to bring back great memories from a well-spent youth, Daisy now manufactures a Red Ryder that fits adults. This larger Adult Red Ryder is just like the one you loved as a youth, but in a larger size.

Daisy Red Ryder


BB/Pellet Guns for Youth Ages 16 and Up

As a youth grows in size and skill, it’s natural for them to grow into harder-shooting air guns. Daisy offers several multi-pump pneumatics – ones that shoot harder the more times they are pumped (up to 10 pumps). While three pumps may produce 450 feet per second velocity, 10 pumps nets up to 800 feet per second. In addition to enhanced velocities, these guns will shoot both BBs and pellets, and can be equipped with scope optics.

The Daisy 880 was one of the first multi-pump pneumatic air rifles to push the 800 feet per second limit. First produced in 1972, this durable BB/Pellet gun has been in the Daisy line ever since. It’s the classic style, with a long underslung pump that’s easy for youth to use. Other multi-pump pneumatics feature a traditional forearm pump. None should be pumped more than 10 times, which can damage the air seal.

Multi-Pump Pneumatic BB/Pellet Guns

Powerline Model 880

Powerline Model 35

Powerline Model 901

Winchester Model 1977XS


Youth BB Guns



Airguns for Accuracy Enthusiasts

BB guns are not just youth guns that help teach gun safety and marksmanship, some also appeal to those who appreciate extreme accuracy. For some folks, there’s not much more satisfying than putting 10 shots into the bullseye. These guns don’t produce screaming velocities, but instead are made for extreme accuracy.

One of the easiest to use and most accurate is the Daisy Model 499B. The 499B is the gun used by all of the youth who participate in the 5-meter Daisy National BB Gun Championship Match held each year. This single-shot, muzzle-loading BB gun features a traditional lever action and advanced peep sights.

Stretching the distance to 10-meters is the Model 753S and 753W Elite single-pump pneumatic competition air rifles. They feature high-grade steel barrels with advanced stocks and sights. Taking 10-meter competition further is the Model 599. This precharged pneumatic comes with all of the bells and whistles and puts pellet-after-pellet in the bullseye at 10 meters.

Advanced Airguns

Model 499B

Model 753S

Model 753W Elite

Model 599

Match grade air rifle

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